For High Quality, American-Made, Dog Foods, Look No Further Than Merrick Pet Care

Since 1988, the Merrick Pet Care company has been producing high-quality dog foods that dogs really enjoy eating. There are lots of reasons why dog owners everywhere think that Merrick makes the best foods for their pets. To begin with, Merrick uses only fresh and wholesome ingredients, and never uses fillers, preservatives or artificial ingredients. This Hereford, Texas-based company was founded as a result of Garth Merrick’s efforts to feed his own dog fresh and healthy foods. Initially, Mr. Merrick prepared home-cooked meals for his dog, and through the years, the company has experienced significant growth.

A Community-Minded Company

Merrick Pet Care is an ethical company that truly cares about the foods that people’s pets eat. More than 130 different products for puppies, adult and senior dogs are available from this trusted company. These include wet foods, dry foods, mixers and dog treats. Merrick is also a community-minded company that gives back in a number of ways. These include providing food to animals in local animal shelters and donating food and money to rescue dog facilities. Some pet owners prefer to feed their dogs grain-free foods, and Merrick has a wide selection of grain-free dog foods to choose from. These grain-free foods are packed with plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals, and provide numerous health benefits. Among the varieties Merrick grain free dog food that is available are venison, Texas beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, turkey, rabbit, duck and bison. Each of these varieties is rich in nutrients and features vegetables and fruits, such as sweet potatoes, blueberries and peas.

Many Types of Dog Food

Another type of grain-free dog food made by Merrick is the Backcountry line. These raw-infused options are part of a protein-filled, ancestral diet, and are inspired by foods that dogs would have eaten in the wilds of nature. The raw pieces are safely freeze-dried and mixed with kibble, creating easily digestible meals that dogs love to eat. All of the Backcountry varieties contain chondroitin and glucosamine, which promote joint and hip health, and Omega fatty acids, which are beneficial for skin health. For small breed dogs, Merrick Pet Care produces a line of foods named Lil’ Plates. These dog foods feature smaller pieces of kibble, probiotics, lots of protein, and prebiotic fiber, which promotes good digestion. In addition to these products, Merrick offers healthy grain, and wet dog foods, as well as limited ingredient diet foods. All things considered, Merrick is a top-rate company that produces some of America’s best dog foods. Not only are their products fresh and delicious, but they also offer many health benefits. Merrick offers a five-star promise to its customers, and if for any reason a customer is not completely satisfied, their money will be refunded.

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