How to drive in Australia by using your Chinese driver’s license?

You cannot, without going against regulations, drive in Australia without a valid driver incense if your license is from China. However, unlike other states, lack of Chinese license does not prevent a person from purchasing transportation in Australia. Chinese are accustomed to very good public transportation in their country. The fact that there are wonderful places to explore and sight see in Australia make it more than an inconvenience to be without transportation. It is in the best interest to take road trips to see The Great Ocean Road and Penguin Island. These areas of local culture are of interest to Chinese drivers.


Surprisingly it is easy to rent a car using a Chinese driver’s license in Australia. So long as there is a valid Chinese drivers’ license and a copy of the certified translation 驾照翻译, you are equipped for car rental and permitted to drive legally. This tends to be one of the best ways to travel in Australia if your Chinese license is not an international license which is used by most overseas travelers. However, Chinese rarely carry the international drivers’ license since they do not recognize it in China and must go a different route, whereas their mainland licensing program could provide access to Australian entry, it only does via Hong Kong.


Of course, the strongest position to be in while driving as a Chinese driver in Australia is to have an original Chinese Driver license, original translation copy, passport and visa. These should be carried at all times. More important than having the necessary documentation, is the need for a Chinese license to be current. An expired driver’s license will make the certified translation void. It is not wise for a driver to believe that just because they have a translation copy it will validate the outdated license. The authoritative translation copy cannot change the date of the license, thereby making it a legal document.


The visa that accompanies the driver license is good for three months. This is what is allowed in the Northern Territory of Australia. If a Chinese driver has a temporary visa and wishes to drive for longer than three months, they must apply for an exemption. Also, a driver who possesses only a Learner license should be sure to have a learner plate on their vehicle and follow the rules of a Learner driver. These rules are specific. One of them states that once a Learner driver becomes a permanent resident in Australia, they can no longer use a Chinese driver license and must apply for an Australian license. Chinese tourists who drive through Australia can expect to be schooled thoroughly by some car rental companies at times, just to ensure safety for all.

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