How to rent the right lorry crane for your construction project

If you are running a large construction site, at some point you may need to rent a lorry crane. Not just any lorry crane, however, but the right one for your particular project.

A lorry crane novice could find these difficult to do. After all, how do you know which is the most suitable lorry crane for that project, and how do you choose the right lifting method?

Thankfully, this is where a good lorry crane company can help you out. They can recommend specific cranes, walk you through the rental process and make sure the lorry crane you eventually rent will do everything your construction project needs.


What should a good lorry crane rental company offer? — With many rental companies out there, it can be confusing to find the right one for your needs.

A rental company offering the following things, however, could just be a good choice for you.

On-time loading and delivery is especially important if you are to get the lorry crane you need when you need it.

Hiring only well-trained, properly licenses and experienced crane and lorry operators is also vital if you are going to be able to complete your project on time and with the utmost safety.

Project management right from when you order a lorry crane until you finish your project is also vital. Particularly if the project is long-term. After all, good project management from the right team of rental agents can help keep your project running efficiently and completing on time.

Make sure the lorry crane or cranes you rent are also maintained and services often. After all, these are pieces of equipment that should always work, every time you need them to, and that can often only be done with the right maintenance.


The right-sized lorry cranes — When choosing a company to rent from, be sure they are able to offer you the right sized lorry cranes, and that they can walk you through why you need the size that you do.

This should include them having light duty, medium duty and heavy duty options, as well as having cranes that are different loading and operating types.


Checking a rental company’s reputation — Once you have found a company offering all of the above, you should also be sure they have an excellent reputation as well.

This can easily be looked into on the Better Business Bureau’s website, and by joining chat rooms dedicated to construction work. The latter can be especially helpful, as people that rent things like lorry cranes for their own businesses are excellent resources when you need to rent some of your own.

Join a couple of these online forums and ask for advice about the best lorry crane rental companies in your area. You may even be surprised at just how much helpful information you can get there.

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