Pretty Gel Nails in a Few Easy Steps!

A beautiful manicure will make anyone feel special. A gel nail kit can help you achieve a perfect manicure in the privacy of your own home. Gel nail kits or also known as kit uñas de gel come with everything you need and most have enough supplies in the kit to do two complete sets of gel nails, so you can use the kit more than once.


Getting Started


The kit comes in a box and contains everything you need to accomplish perfect gel nails: manicure tips, gel activator, brush cleaner brush-on gel, cuticle stick and an emery board for shaping the tips. The directions are simple and easy to follow. It’s a good idea to read the complete instructions at least once before you get started. A couple of the steps have to be completed quickly and there will not be enough time to stop and read the next step, so it is best to be prepared.


Pre-select the tips you will use for each hand and lay them out on the table. Wax paper or some type of protective paper or cloth will save the furniture in case you spill anything. Next, you will need to clean your nails with an acetone-based polish remover. Use the cuticle stick to push back the nail cuticles and smooth any rough edges with the emery board. Lightly file the natural nail bed to create a surface that the gel adhesive will stick to. Lastly, check to see that each nail tip is a perfect fit. It may be necessary to file the sides to ensure an even fit.


Getting the Gel Nail Look


Apply brush-on gel to the grooved section on the back of the nail tip. (This is the overlay part that adheres to the natural nail) Lower tip onto natural nail and hold in place until set. If the tips have a tab, you can remove the tab once the tip is set by gently bending up and down or snipping off with clippers. Do not twist the tab or you will risk pulling off the tip and damaging the natural nail. Repeat this step for the remaining nails on each hand. Once nails are in place, wipe off any dust particles.


Next, set up the gel application. First, cover the protective area with fresh paper towels. This will prevent any residue or dust particles from getting into the overlay. To complete your new gel nails, you need the gel activator, the brush-on gel and the brush cleaner. Apply the brush-on gel to all of the nails on one hand first. While the gel is still wet, apply the gel activator using long even strokes. Dip the brush in the brush cleaner after each nail. Repeat these steps on the opposite hand.


As your nails grow, it will be necessary to “fill” in the new growth. The process is as easy as removing the old polish, applying brush-on gel to the new growth, apply activator over gel and reapply polish.




The beauty of the gel nail application is that the product dries smooth and shiny and there is no need to file and buff. Once your gel nails are complete, you are ready to apply polish and show your gorgeous gel nail manicure to the world!

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