Tips for a Beautiful Kitchen

Getting a beautiful kitchen cabinet finishing can be quite difficult if you are not a professional painter. This is even more the case if you are painting your kitchen cabinets for the first time.

Luckily, there are some tips you can follow to help you create a beautiful kitchen cabinet finishing unless you want to hire a professional service like cabinet painting calgary. Things you may not have ever thought about, but that can make your paint job look like a professional painted your cabinets.

Sand every door and drawer — Start the job by removing every door and drawer from its cabinet. This will require unscrewing them from the cabinet itself but will give you much easier access when it comes to painting them.

Sand down each door and drawer so that the paint surface you begin painting on is completely smooth. Do not use a typical sandpaper, though. Instead use an abrasive kitchen pad that you can buy in any kitchen department at a local supermarket.

These green pads are not quite as rough on a wood surface as sandpaper yet will smooth it down enough that the paint will go on beautifully.

A fast-drying primer is key — You will need to use a primer on each drawer and door if you want the topcoat to go on smoothly and look rich and beautiful when it has dried.

While most primers do a decent job, if you buy just an average primer, you will have to wait 24 to 48 hours for it to dry properly before you can begin painting your kitchen cabinets. This could mean it takes four to five days of painting before your cabinets are dry and ready to be screwed back onto the shell.

On the other hand, a fast-drying primer will dry in just a few hours. You can then begin painting the topcoat on every drawer and door and have the paint job finished by the end of the day.

A high-quality satin sheen paint is best — While you may think a gloss paint will give you the nicest looking paint finish, in many cases it will not.

This is due to gloss paints showing every imperfection and every brush stroke. Thus, getting your kitchen cabinet finishing done correctly can be an absolute hassle.

If you choose a high-quality satin sheen paint instead, however, you will find it is much easier to paint each door and drawer. Once finished, you will still have a lovely partially glossy finish, without the problems you will encounter if you use a gloss paint.

Getting a beautiful kitchen cabinet finishing is not too difficult. Not if you follow these tips, take your time painting each cabinet and wait the appropriate time for the paint to dry correctly.

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