What is a private home care service and what will they do for you?

Home health care services, like home care near me, provide a huge service for those who need care in their homes. Understanding the services that they provide and what they provide to you can be an instrumental change for your health and well-being and offer significant long-term benefits for you and your loved ones. Here are some of the basics behind these home care services and just what they can do for you.

The Problem with Health Care

Our healthcare system has a number of notable weaknesses. While the healthcare system is designed around treating and curing notable health problems such as offering surgeries for notable health issues, it becomes less adept at treating chronic issues that require regular healthcare to address. When it does try, it often becomes cost prohibitive to treat these underlying health problems.

Since everybody will eventually age and require regular medical care as they do so, there are a number of different solutions out there. It is not possible to simply live in a hospital, but hospice care, nursing homes, and other long-term solutions do exist for those who cannot treat their health on their own. However, this is not a good solution for those who can take care of most of their health needs on their own but have one or two major problems that they are facing such as the inability to feed or bathe themselves. This is where private home care services can come in and fill a notable gap in the healthcare system, as we not quite on the level of Europe or Japan.

What Private Home Care Services Provide

Private Home Care Services provide a service where an home health care aide will come to the home of a patient and provide them with the medical services that they need. Sometimes the medical services that are provided by Private Home Care Services also include basic care such as bathing and feeding services, and even include monitoring for medication taking. The service often begins with an overall assessment of the patient and a determination of the number of hours that the patient needs.

Some patients will require 24 hour care for their Private Home Care Services while others will only require a few hours a week. Once the nurse makes an assessment the home health care aide comes in and provides the services that are required and stipulated in their plan of care. The Private Home Care Services obtain the signature of the patient who signs off on the care provided and the Private Home Care aide leaves for the day. Regular inspections and reviews of the care plan are provided and the patient’s health is examine by their individual doctor as well as the Private Home Care Services that they signed up with. Having this level of care is often covered by medicare or private health insurance and is a cheaper option for all involved.

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