Why Most People Will Never Quit An AR-10 Rifle

Civilians and military combatants have long-favored the AR-10 battle rifles. The prolific American firearms designer, Eugene Stoner, engineered the Armalite variety and introduced the first collection of AR-10 barrel/stock designs in 1956. The legendary M1 Garand inspired Stoner to design the rifle. In recent decades, its popularity has dipped because shooters are in pursuit of meaner, beefier cartridges to power their artillery. The AR-10 still have agreeable qualities that make it worthy of admiration – a thorough overview can be found here: https://adventurefootstep.com/ar-10-vs-ar-15/.

Chews Up Any Cartridge

Whether long or short-action magazines, an AR-10 battle rifle hurls a devastating blow that can throw down any beast. It is a dependable sidekick for shooters traversing perverse terrains, that require precise rifles, configurations, and calibers. With all the sophisticated models the new-age market offers today, some shooters still prefer the AR-10 design.

AR-10: Otherworldly Design Or Trend?

One thing fanatics cannot fathom is the inspiration behind the AR-10 construction. Yes, it was certainly a step up from the conventional prototypes that included an impinging gas mechanism. Everything from the refined operating system to handguards, buttstock, and grip boasting immaculately woven fiberglass material were deserving of critical commentary. It also sported an impressive aluminum-coated alloy receiver, which was a spectacle when the AR-10 hit the market. All this made the AR-10 a desirable variety, despite it being sleeker and lighter than the competition. It made movement seamless, a feature that propelled its marketability as advanced military-grade artillery.

Civilian AR-10 Shooter Highlights

The AR-10 battle rifle is a superior archetype for multiple civilian platforms, especially long-range shooting competitions, plinking exercises, and open-world hunting. AR-10 rifles adopt various caliber types, and with new manufacturer releases every year, the chambering numbers will likely increase.

AR-10 Rifles Weight Advantage

How much does a quality AR-10 cost these days? While sophisticated models can easily cost a considerable investment, reasonably priced versions are out there. The epitome of modern riles, an AR-10 offers added versatility, mobility, and tractability. It predates a lot of innovative rifles, despite its age. Although it doesn’t include the iconic gas piston action found on most semi-automatics, it is equally thunderous and precise on target.

Shooters appreciate that an AR-10 is manageable on any landscape, no matter how infernal the domain seems. It being lighter is a consequence of its simplified bolt action and plastic housing. AR-10 rifles achieve decent accuracy levels and consistently deliver an overall outstanding performance as long as it is well-maintained. How precise it hits a target heavily relies on the model.

Of all the AR-10 variants, the 18-inch tactical rifle is an original ArmaLite production. It is on the pricier side compared to some predecessors. It features a collapsing buttstock, flip-up iron scopes, full-length optics rail, ambidextrous controls, Keymod handguard and more.

The Bushmaster make also packs coveted features that firearms enthusiasts find agreeable. This AR-10 style rifle is popular among wildlife hunters. It does not work well with iron sights because it has a milled gas block and not the railed version seen on other scopes. The barrel on it measures around 16 inches. It also features collapsible gunstock. Although it does not include standard optics, a shooter can add one, but few options are available.

Oh and if you haven’t already, go on Youtube and look at some of those awesome custom builds:

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