Tips to Picking a Vacate Cleaning Service

Tips to Picking a Vacate Cleaning Service

When you are moving out of a home it is important that you clean it either to get the deposit back or help ensure that your home will sale. A vacate cleaning service, e.g. Vacate Cleaning Melbourne, can assist you in ensuring that everything is up to par when it comes to the clean up. It will save you time during the move because it can take hours that you could be spending settling into your new home.




The vacate cleaning service should have a good reputation. Check the reviews for the company to see what others thought of the service. The company should be insured and bonded. Employees should be screen thoroughly to ensure that they can safely be sent into homes without worry that something will be stolen or damaged. Ask family and friends for recommendations, they will gladly tell you which company provided superior service and which one did not.


Environmental Aspect


Are the cleaning products used free from toxins such as petroleum, alcohol or ammonia? The same toxins that damage the environment can make people sick in closed in spaces, and the chemicals can linger on surfaces. Does the company recycle? Things such as plastic bottles and paper are easily recyclable in most places avoiding sending them to the landfill.


How does the company dispose of things they have to be removed from the home? This is important when you want the company to reduce their impact on the environment.


Services Offered


When you are moving out of a home you want the vacate cleaning service to cover all of your cleaning needs. It is vital to know what they actually clean because when you move a simple spot cleaning will not do. You want someone who is going to clean from top to bottom including all household fixtures and any appliances. The walls will need cleaning even if they are going to be painted, flooring and carpets will need a thorough cleaning as well. When you move out it should look as if you never lived there by the time the cleaning is done.


Does the company merely clean or do they sanitize as well? You want places like the kitchen and bathroom to free from germs. Things like baseboards are often overlooked during the cleaning process. Do they do windows or clean the air ducts for the heating and cooling system? Will they do laundry such as washing the drapery?




While it is true you get what you pay for the service should be within your budget. The quality of the cleaning should match the price, you also want to ensure that the size of the job is one that the company can easily handle.

Checking the company website should give you an idea of what services are offered and most offer the ability to call for an estimate of job costs.


Keeping in a good cleaning routine is key though, so the cleaning services won’t have to go overboard and spend hours on hours to clean your home/apartment. Check out the tips below to create a regular cleaning routine:

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