Getting to Know the Fryer Built on Air

Air fryers have become quite popular lately, enabling us to enjoy our favorite fried foods such as chicken, fries, and potato chips in a seemingly healthier way. This is a kitchen appliance that works by spreading hot air around the food. Doing this makes the food crispy and crunchy on the outside. Air-fried foods are said to be healthier than their deep-fried counterparts because the level of fat and calories are lower. Air-fried foods only require a little over a tablespoon of oil to deliver the same texture and taste that submerging deep-fried foods in considerable amounts of oil.


How to use an Air-Fryer

The top part of an air fryer has a heating apparatus and a fan. It also comes with a basket in which you place your food. Preheat your air fryer at the desired temperature if necessary. You can either spray the basket with cooking spray or add a little oil. Still, it may not be entirely necessary, depending on what you are choosing to prepare. However, it does help with the crispiness. If preheating is not required, once the food is placed in the fryer basket, set the temperature and the timer, and turn on the air fryer. The hot air will then surround and spread throughout your food, and the timer will signal its completion.

Here’s a good video on it:

What are the benefits?

As stated before, air fryers cut the fat content in food. You use less oil and get the same desired result in terms of texture and taste. Low fat intake could mean slicing your cholesterol levels. Should you or anyone you know have high cholesterol and you potentially still get to enjoy your favorite foods.

Using an air fryer could also help you with losing weight as it lowers your calorie intake. As mentioned, deep-fried foods are high in calories, which contribute to obesity in many cases. Switching deep-fried foods for air-fried foods reduce the number of calories you intake. This could set you on your path to weight loss and lower your risk of obesity through fat consumption. You can improve what you eat without entirely changing what you eat. However, consuming generous portions of these same foods air-fried may still not be an entirely healthy choice.

Lastly, air fryers are better at reheating fried foods as opposed to using the microwave or oven. Using the latter tends to turn crisp things soggy. However, in the air fryer, your food stays as crispy as it was when you just made or bought it.

Air fryers come in many brands and varieties, as shown on reviewho. Therefore, it is vital to do the necessary reading and research on the brand before purchase to ensure the quality is worth the quantity spent.



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