Household gadgets for the win in 2018

Gadgets are awesome and the next couple of years are probably gonna be the most interesting in terms of innovation. In this article we just want to showcase a few of our favorite gadgets and we hope that some of you may find an interest in one or two of them. But you can also gather more information on

Amazon Echo:

We have all seen the Sci-fi movies where houses are completely autonomous, but how close are we to that era really? The answer is closer than you may think. That leads me to the first gadget I’d like to talk about, Amazon Echo. Powered by Amazon Alexa, there are different variations of this gadget such as the Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Amazon Echo, etc. No matter which flavor you purchase, there is no denying the shear coolness of this gadget. On top of being able to stream music just by asking this device to do so, you can take giant steps towards automating your home. The echo has the ability to detect smart devices and you can command the smart devices by talking to Alexa. Another awesome feature is the ability to command multiple devices by one phrase. Maybe you have a room full of lamps and you want to turn them all on at once.

With Alexa you can do that, just use the Alexa app to create a program and you can initiate the program by one word if you would like. The power of this devices gives the uncanny feeling of living in your favorite sci-fi home.


Kobra Retro LED Color Changing Light Blub:

Another cool device that lets you set the mood for any occasion is the retro LED Color Changing lightbulb. Having a Christmas party? No problem, have this light bulb change to a red or green color. With 16 different colors, you can change the ambiance to whatever color you like. This is an interesting concept that is fun to play around with. You need a little extra light, no problem, just change the color to white and illuminate the room to your liking.


Smart Sockets:

Referring back to Amazon Echo, Alexa is able to detect and control these smart sockets as well. Maybe you have a lamp in the room that you would like to be able to control from Alexa. No problem, just plug it into the smart socket and let Alexa take over the mundane task of flipping a switch. You could even plug your TV into this socket and you could command Alexa to turn on the TV for you.


Quadcopter Drone:

Finally, I’d like to take a minute to discuss a fun gadget called a Quadcopter drone. It is no secret that drones are becoming popular, but one stand out drown is the kolibri Delta-recon HD camera drone. This device leverages smartphone app technology and is VR headset compatible. That means you can put on your VR goggles and feel like it is use flying up in the sky. It gives you a sense of unprecedented freedom. With a HD camera able to achieve 720p and 20 frames per second (fps), it is one of the most advanced camera drones on the market. This drone is a good beginner drone with its easy controls. The gadget features automatic takeoff, landing, and altitude hold. I believe this drone blows its competitors out of the water.


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