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Instagram can be a silly social app or a serious tool for brands and companies of all sizes. Follow the tips below supplied by 인스타 팔로워 늘리기 for ways to engage and grow your audience.


Post frequently, consistently, and differently.

The bottom line here is, people will be more engaged with something that they see regularly. People will keep following if you provide content on a regular basis. However, if you post the same picture (or similar pitures of similar things) frequently, people will get bored. Be sure to switch it up with pictures and videos, and utilize stories and reels.


Share content that you didn’t create and find collaborators.

Once your brand has a following people will generate content on their own, make sure you share anything relevant to include your audience in the conversation. Find brands or people to collaborate that complement your brand or company. You can both benefit from each other’s audiences.


Use and cross promote a dedicated hashtag.

First, you have to create a generalized hashtag to represent your company. You may later want to create hashtags around specific products or campaigns, but first come up with something general. Something as simple as the name of your company will suffice, as long as it is not too long or common. Once you lock your hashtag down, put it everywhere. Yes obviously, use it on every Instagram post, but don’t stop there. Use the hashtag across social media platforms, on your receipts, list it on your website, in your profile, everywhere you can. This hashtag will connect you with your customers even when they don’t tag you in a post.


More on hashtags.

Now that you have your dedicated hashtag, use it on every single post. Use the popular one word hashtags that may seem obvious and boring. These can help connect you with more people who are generally looking for what you are saying. However, do not stop at these easy targets, get creative! If you are posting a picture of a sandwich for example, you would use your company hashtag, then maybe #sandwich #lunch #hangry #ilovecarbs, #andmeatandcheese #vegetablesaregoodtoo . Your hashtags can tell a story of their own, and provide humor and differentiation in a saturated market. The possibilities are endless in what you use as a hashtag, and you will be surprised that some are already in existence and trending.


Be aware of your tags.

Based on your settings, any number of people can tag you in whatever they wish. Make sure you review everything your account is tagged in to ensure that it presents your company in the best light. You won’t be able to remove the actual posts, but you can remove your tag and thus your affiliation with a post. Once you review all your current tags set your account options to approve photo tags before the content will appear on your profile.


More tips can be found in this awesome video we stumbled upon on the tubes:

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