Knitting Is A Beautiful Passion

The Passion Of Knitting


Knitting is so much more than a hobby. It is a passion. You can use your creativity to make heartfelt and loving gifts. It is therapeutic and gives you the ability to relax and enjoy yourself. The pleasure you feel when you look at something beautiful you made with your own hands is priceless. All you need is some practice and the possibilities are endless.


Be Your Own Designer


You are no longer at the mercy of the current fashions in the stores. You can choose your own colors of vibrant reds, soothing blues and greens or sweet pinks. You have the option of finding a pattern that you really like or learning how to design your own. You decide what type of yarn you want to use so you are in control of the way your project will feel. You can knit a lovely afghan for warmth or a flirty skirt. The choices all belong to you. When you receive a compliment you can say thank you, I made this.


Yarn Shopping


Shopping for yarn is a lot of fun. There are so many places that sell a wide variety of intricate colors and textures. There are yarns that change colors as you knit, yarns with metallic threads, yarns as soft as the fur on a kitten. The colors are amazing and bring the nicest thoughts. Blues that remind you of the ocean or a summer sky. Reds and oranges that bring the warmth of a cozy fire. Purples and pinks that make you think of that perfect sunset. Your favorite color will take on a new meaning once you have walked down an isle filled with yarns. So fire up your sewing machine for beginners, throw on some yarn, and go wild!


Stress Relief


Knitting requires your full attention. The details in your project are incredibly important. Your mind does not wander past what your needles are doing. This allows you to relax and unwind. To let go of any stress you are currently plagued with. The time you spend knitting is personal time for your enjoyment. Whether you have ten minutes or two hours as you complete your beautiful rows you just feel good. Your head suddenly becomes clear and all those frustrations your mind has been holding onto disappear. When you put your knitting down you will feel energized and able to accomplish whatever is needed.




There is nothing you can give as a gift that will have more meaning than something you made yourself. You can give something simple like hats to keep warm the heads of your loved ones. Knit a special sweater for your best friend to let them know how much their friendship means. A nice pair of baby booties for a special niece or nephew is always welcome. When it comes to knitting there is always something for everyone. You can knit clothes, blankets, scarves, socks and shawls. You can be creative and custom tailor every single gift. Think of the pride you will feel when your family and friends adore the items you made.


You Can Knit Anywhere


Knitting is so versatile. All you need is a small bag and your yarn and needles can travel with you. From your favorite chair at home to the doctors office to a long ride in the car. Your little bag will soon become one of your best friends.


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