The Importance of Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard bindings can be a tricky item to select when purchasing a new set up. While they are not the most exciting item involved with the sport, they can make the difference between a fantastic snowboarding experience, and a terrible one. Understanding what makes a bindings effective is paramount to selecting the ones that fit the user’s needs the most.

One of the first thing snowboarders notice is the hefty price tag that comes with some bindings. Inevitably, the first thing that runs through everyone’s mind is “Is this item worth the purchase price?” In the case of snowboard bindings, the answer to this is almost a unanimous “YES!” This is because when you purchase expensive bindings, you are not only purchasing many convenient features that come with them, you are also purchasing the safety that they assure.

Often times the material used to make lower end bindings is not as strong as the material used to make their pricier counterparts. Most of the time this can be chalked up to an inconvenience at most, however with snowboarding this is not the case. It is a dangerous sport, in which people die participating in each and every year. For best practice, no corners should be cut when selecting snowboarding equipment; the difference between the cheapest and most expensive bindings available is worth far less than the price of preserving a person’s life.

In addition to the safety advantage offered by premium bindings, the simple price of replacing cheaper bindings alone will end up being a more costly scenario in the long run. In essence, better bindings last longer, and offer more features.

Many of the more expensive bindings are easier to use as well. Step-in bindings from well-known brands have revolutionized the way people get into and out of their snowboards. Taking a fraction of the time, they have made snowboarding much easier, and therefore, a much more enjoyable experience. Generally speaking, you will not find step-in bindings that are on the lower end of the quality scale.

Premium snowboard bindings for intermediate snowboarders also come with enhanced flexibility. The plastics will actually bend more without breaking, which allows for greater versatility in the snowboarders style. For snowboarders that have several years of experience under their belt, this is essentially a must-have. Better quality bindings also come with extra features, such as modified high-backs to better fit boots, and selection of the straps and hardware desired.

The only situation where it really makes sense to purchase cheap bindings is if it is a person’s first ever snowboard purchase. They are probably purchasing a cheap snowboard as well, just to give the sport a try to see if they like it or not. If they do like it and wish to continue, they will inevitably be required to purchase a better setup; even as soon as one season later. This is why it almost always makes more sense to spend a little extra money on bindings; you will get back much more in value than what you put in.

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