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DIY Garage Door Repairs-Dangerous and More Expensive than Hiring a Professional

Modern garage doors are not the same beast your dad struggled with. Today’s high-tech garage doors feature a wider variety of construction materials, operating systems and even integrated electronics tying into your home security system. Just the thing to make most DIY savvy homeowners itch to work on. Trying to repair your garage doors is a bad idea for several reasons. It can be dangerous and may cost more than you expect to do.

Far from the simple mechanical doors that made a perfect backstop for playing catch, these systems are complicated. They need expert installation and when something goes wrong, service by trained professionals to repair door or opener damage.

 Self Repair-Don’t Make it Worse

Most contemporary garage door systems are equipped with a complicated spring and track system that needs to carefully installed for proper operation and safety. Each part of the system must be precisely positioned and attached to work properly. Attempting a DIY repair will probably damage the door further and end up costing more to fix.

When something goes wrong, it usually requires more than a ladder and hand tools to fix. Expert service and installation professionals have all the specialized tools needed to make repairs on any garage door or garage door opener. Most garage door installation and service firms require their technicians be certified so clients know they have all the experience and skills needed to do a quick and thorough repair.

 DIY Can Cost a Lot More

Trying to repair a faulty garage door yourself can cost a lot more than you think. First, consider that many repairs may be covered under the warranty covering your modern garage door. Trying To do the work yourself will definitely cost more than warranty covered repairs.


Trying to repair the door yourself will also void the warranty causing you to lose any protection against future damage. Bottom line, you are protecting your investment and spending less by calling in a professional repair technician to do the work.


Repairing Garage Doors is Dangerous


Here are simple facts that should influence your decision to do DIY garage door repairs. Garage doors often weigh up to 500 pounds. This makes the risk of one collapsing on you guaranteed to do serious bodily harm. The torsion springs and extension springs used in garage doors are under heavy tension. Trying to work on them without the proper tools and expertise puts you at risk for serious injury. If the spring breaks while you work on it, pieces will fly across the garage risking injury to everyone nearby. Again, professional installers and technicians carry garage door repair specific tools that allow servicing components under heavy tension safely.

After studying the risks, avoiding DIY garage door repairs could be your best option. Increased costs, lack of adequate tools and expert knowledge and risk of injury make it a good idea to rely on the professionals, like garage door repair lincoln ne, for all repair work. Your existing warranty makes it smart and cheaper.

Pretty Gel Nails in a Few Easy Steps!

A beautiful manicure will make anyone feel special. A gel nail kit can help you achieve a perfect manicure in the privacy of your own home. Gel nail kits or also known as kit uñas de gel come with everything you need and most have enough supplies in the kit to do two complete sets of gel nails, so you can use the kit more than once.


Getting Started


The kit comes in a box and contains everything you need to accomplish perfect gel nails: manicure tips, gel activator, brush cleaner brush-on gel, cuticle stick and an emery board for shaping the tips. The directions are simple and easy to follow. It’s a good idea to read the complete instructions at least once before you get started. A couple of the steps have to be completed quickly and there will not be enough time to stop and read the next step, so it is best to be prepared.


Pre-select the tips you will use for each hand and lay them out on the table. Wax paper or some type of protective paper or cloth will save the furniture in case you spill anything. Next, you will need to clean your nails with an acetone-based polish remover. Use the cuticle stick to push back the nail cuticles and smooth any rough edges with the emery board. Lightly file the natural nail bed to create a surface that the gel adhesive will stick to. Lastly, check to see that each nail tip is a perfect fit. It may be necessary to file the sides to ensure an even fit.


Getting the Gel Nail Look


Apply brush-on gel to the grooved section on the back of the nail tip. (This is the overlay part that adheres to the natural nail) Lower tip onto natural nail and hold in place until set. If the tips have a tab, you can remove the tab once the tip is set by gently bending up and down or snipping off with clippers. Do not twist the tab or you will risk pulling off the tip and damaging the natural nail. Repeat this step for the remaining nails on each hand. Once nails are in place, wipe off any dust particles.


Next, set up the gel application. First, cover the protective area with fresh paper towels. This will prevent any residue or dust particles from getting into the overlay. To complete your new gel nails, you need the gel activator, the brush-on gel and the brush cleaner. Apply the brush-on gel to all of the nails on one hand first. While the gel is still wet, apply the gel activator using long even strokes. Dip the brush in the brush cleaner after each nail. Repeat these steps on the opposite hand.


As your nails grow, it will be necessary to “fill” in the new growth. The process is as easy as removing the old polish, applying brush-on gel to the new growth, apply activator over gel and reapply polish.




The beauty of the gel nail application is that the product dries smooth and shiny and there is no need to file and buff. Once your gel nails are complete, you are ready to apply polish and show your gorgeous gel nail manicure to the world!

What Is Involved In A Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Why Would Anyone Want A Breast Augmentation?

This procedure has caused quite a bit of controversy over the years as most fall to one side of the breast debate either approving of it, or totally against it. Some feel that it isn’t necessary, while others feel that it’s their body and if they aren’t happy with their breasts then it’s their decision to alter their look. Not being confident over breasts cannot just equate fitting into that strapless dress the way you always wanted, but it can totally ruin your private bedroom life. Many women aren’t ok with being without any clothes on while with their partners, or wearing a swimsuit around even their closest friends or family members. This isn’t something that they have to live with anymore as a breast augmentation procedure can be a rather quick solution to no longer having to endure those painful moments for millions of women.

How Does A Breast Augmentation Work?

First you would go into the plastic surgeon’s office, like NYC Plastic Surgeon for example, that you’re comfortable with for an initial consultation. The doctor would review what the outcome would be for you, what size and implant material would work best, if you’re a great candidate for the surgery. From there you would discuss the financial aspect of the surgery and either pay for it outright, or you can usually obtain a payment plan through plans like Care Credit. You would then endure some pre-procedure medical work such as blood work or a chest x-ray, depending on what your surgeon wants completed. If all of your medical homework was finalized and there were no issues, your surgeon’s office would schedule your procedure. Because anesthesia has to be facilitated, you cannot eat prior to your operation and you will require a ride home after the procedure due to the sedation you endured. The surgeon will prescribe something to take for pain and soreness after the sedation wears off, and you will have a support bra to wear for a bit just after the surgery. A follow up appointment or two will be required to have the physician check your breasts to ensure they are settling in as planned with no challenges, and if everything checks out alright then you are free to enjoy your new look!

The Afterlife Of Breast Augmentation

If you decide that this is the procedure for you and have your breasts augmented, you will have some maintenance afterward. Most women currently have their implants replaced after ten years, but some go as long as twenty years before looking into changing them. This is to keep you healthy and not have any issues with the implants after having them for a decade or longer. Usually after having this surgery you don’t have to deal with the typical sagging that occurs in millions of women, which is a huge benefit to not have to consider a breast lift once you’ve crossed that age where your body no longer has youth on its side. Having a breast augmentation is so common in 2018 that no one would be terribly surprised if you opted to do it for yourself if this is something you’ve been toying around with. Do it for the right reasons for yourself, not for anyone else, and make sure that you are totally comfortable with the surgeon that would be doing the procedure.

Perks and Drawbacks of Online Personal Trainers



Chances are, you probably haven’t heard that personal trainers can now work with you online. But now that you have, you’re probably wondering how that can even work. However, the fitness field has begun to recognize that with everyone’s work schedules so varied these days that not everyone has time to stop by a gym anymore. As a result, many of them are now taking advantage of the rapidly advancing technologies. These are often more affordable than brick-and-mortar gyms. One vicarious advantage is that if you have kids, they can join you. Most brick-and-mortar gyms have separate gyms specifically for kids much under the age of about 12 or 13. The advantages outweight the disadvantages by a long shot.




Some of the advantages to having a personal trainer online include the affordability, flexible schedules, digital communication, not even having to live in the same area, and accountability. Several programs have bodyweight workouts which can be easily done at home. Investing in an online trainer for a month is often less than you would pay for one live in an hour. The fact that you can communicate with your trainer at any time with apps such as Trainerize, Skype, or even texting means that the communication lines are open 24/7. Many programs offer free trials and discounted programs as most fitness trainers recognize that the best way to gain new clients is by letting them try out their services first. Since you don’t have to live in the same area as him or her, it’s also easier than ever to find the best trainer for you. Your trainer should message you once a week to help you trek your progress.




The only times online personal training may not be for you is if you’re not a disciplined self-starter, you don’t like the idea of working out at home, or just prefer the social atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar gym. Also, if you think you’re at risk for injuring yourself by performing the exercises correctly, or are recovering from an injury, online training may not be for you. One thing that most online training programs do not do is allow your trainer to see and be able to correct your form on the spot.


Other Reasons Personal Trainers are Going Digital


Operational excellence maximizes ROI and customer satisfaction. It helps to boost their brands and keep up with the competition. It helps them to build differentiation. It also makes it easier to assign challenges, points and other rewards when fitness is transformed into gamification. Also, going digital saves time not only for clients but for the trainer as well. The fast and efficient services also helps to attract millennials. Currently, most of the human population can’t even imagine living in a world without smartphones, which makes it easier for trainers to gain clients on a national, and maybe even internationally.

Why You Should Consider A Tummy Tuck

There are millions of women out there who have faced trauma to their bodies due to pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very beautiful and natural event in life, but it can definitely cause harm to the overall aesthetic appearance to your body. After having months of your growing belly stretch and grow, your skin becomes permanently stretched, causing your skin to sag and wrinkle once pregnancy has been completed. In addition, may be left with a significant amount of stretch marks found throughout your tummy area, leaving your tummy to appear unattractive to the sight. This can cause your self-esteem to suffer because your body has gone through some significant changes that may never resume its original appearance. Having a low self-esteem can also later develop into depression and could possibly even lead to suicidal thoughts due to unhappiness. The reality is that your appearance does affect the way you feel about yourself. If you are unhappy with the way you look physically, you may want to consider a tummy tuck procedure to recreate your body.


A tummy tuck (more information and infos can be found on Tummy Tuck New Jersey) procedure allows your body to be restored to its original appearance before pregnancy, or even improve your tummies appearance after weight loss. Many times, women and men experience stretching of the skin around the tummy area from either weight gain and or weight loss, that causes the skin to become significantly stretched out. When the skin around the tummy is severely stretched, many times it may never return to its original state. You will be left with unattractive stretch marks and layers and layers of skin wrapped around your frame. When you are left with an unattractive body, it can make you feel self-conscious about yourself and you may suffer from low self-esteem. Having low self-esteem is something that no one wants to face and should not face. The advancement of medical technology has been able to help people achieve ultimate body satisfaction with the simple procedure of a tummy tuck.


There are also people who have faced severe skin stretching from losing a significant amount of weight. If you were extremely obese in the past and lost a ton of weight, you may notice that you have thick layers of skin stubbornly hanging on to your body frame. No matter what you do, how hard you work out and diet, you will notice that the skin does not appear to decrease. When you are faced with this situation, you may want to consider getting a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin, so that you are able to see the dramatic weight loss. It is very unfortunate to work so hard at dieting and exercise, only to see layers of skin present. Take time to think about how you can benefit and how much your body would change if you were able to have all that excess skin removed and see the flat tummy you really have. Your self-esteem does not have to suffer any longer. If you are able to change the way you look on the outside, you are able to change the way you feel on the inside.

Household gadgets for the win in 2018

Gadgets are awesome and the next couple of years are probably gonna be the most interesting in terms of innovation. In this article we just want to showcase a few of our favorite gadgets and we hope that some of you may find an interest in one or two of them. But you can also gather more information on

Amazon Echo:

We have all seen the Sci-fi movies where houses are completely autonomous, but how close are we to that era really? The answer is closer than you may think. That leads me to the first gadget I’d like to talk about, Amazon Echo. Powered by Amazon Alexa, there are different variations of this gadget such as the Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Amazon Echo, etc. No matter which flavor you purchase, there is no denying the shear coolness of this gadget. On top of being able to stream music just by asking this device to do so, you can take giant steps towards automating your home. The echo has the ability to detect smart devices and you can command the smart devices by talking to Alexa. Another awesome feature is the ability to command multiple devices by one phrase. Maybe you have a room full of lamps and you want to turn them all on at once.

With Alexa you can do that, just use the Alexa app to create a program and you can initiate the program by one word if you would like. The power of this devices gives the uncanny feeling of living in your favorite sci-fi home.


Kobra Retro LED Color Changing Light Blub:

Another cool device that lets you set the mood for any occasion is the retro LED Color Changing lightbulb. Having a Christmas party? No problem, have this light bulb change to a red or green color. With 16 different colors, you can change the ambiance to whatever color you like. This is an interesting concept that is fun to play around with. You need a little extra light, no problem, just change the color to white and illuminate the room to your liking.


Smart Sockets:

Referring back to Amazon Echo, Alexa is able to detect and control these smart sockets as well. Maybe you have a lamp in the room that you would like to be able to control from Alexa. No problem, just plug it into the smart socket and let Alexa take over the mundane task of flipping a switch. You could even plug your TV into this socket and you could command Alexa to turn on the TV for you.


Quadcopter Drone:

Finally, I’d like to take a minute to discuss a fun gadget called a Quadcopter drone. It is no secret that drones are becoming popular, but one stand out drown is the kolibri Delta-recon HD camera drone. This device leverages smartphone app technology and is VR headset compatible. That means you can put on your VR goggles and feel like it is use flying up in the sky. It gives you a sense of unprecedented freedom. With a HD camera able to achieve 720p and 20 frames per second (fps), it is one of the most advanced camera drones on the market. This drone is a good beginner drone with its easy controls. The gadget features automatic takeoff, landing, and altitude hold. I believe this drone blows its competitors out of the water.


Studies with Proven Results in Treating Cancer with CBD

What is CBD

CBD is an active Cannabinoids identified in the plant cannabis. CBD is considered to have a wide scope of potential medical applications. The product cannabinoids account for approximately 40% of the material extracted from the cannabis plant. You can buy CBD oil with a proper prescription at various locations locally, or online.


Known Uses for Cannabis/Hemp

The plant extract has been used for quite a while in treating catastrophic forms of epilepsy. Dietary supplements have been known to contain CBD, and has the chemical has proved helpful in treating Dravet Syndrome. Products containing Cannabis are sold under the name of Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract.


Effects of Cannabidiol on Malignant Tumors

Cannabidiol has proven to slow the growth of tumors in pulmonary malignancies. CBD is known to induce a tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 synthesis and activity. Decreased tumor growth in malignancies has also been seen in other cancerous tumors as exhibited after cannabidiol has been administered.


CBD – As a Potential Anticancer Drug

Evidence supports the anti-tumourigenic effect of cannabinoids. Cannabidiols exhibits a wide variety of anticarcinogenic effects by impairing the invasion of cancerous cells, especially in cervical and lung/pulmonary cancers. Cancer cells also decreased in tumor cell invasiveness from the use of CBD. The findings provided the anti-invasive action to encourage its use as a therapeutic option for treatment of highly invasive cancers.


It should also be noted that the opposite can hold true, and Cannabinoids may increase the proliferation of tumor cells as the immune system becomes suppressed by the effects of Cannabinoids. Dosage should be closely monitored and tested for the health of the immune system.


An ingredient in marijuana was proven to benefit patients with brain cancer. Unfortunately, brain cancer cells grow quicker than normal brain cells, but it was noted during many tests monitoring the effects of cancerous brain cells treated with marijuana that the cancerous brain cells on the drug died at a higher rate than with any other drug applied to aggressive forms of brain cancer.


CBD and Breast Cancer

The exact molecular mechanism created bu CBD is not yet been crystallized but is has been shown that CBD-induced cell death of breast cancer cells. This activity is independent of cannabinoid activation.


CBD for Cancer Therapy


CBD Hemp Oil for Pain

Cannabis Topicals

  • Tinctures are liquid cannabis extractions and typically applied under the tongue.
  • Among the earliest forms of cannabis applied for pain relief.
  • Does not work on severe pain, and other methods should be explored.



  • Check out the CBD strains that are high in-CBD
  • Check the high levels of CBD strains for having only trace amounts of THC.
  • The CBD containing trace amounts of THC will not produce psychoactive (high) effects.
  • Cannabis Strains high in CBD are: Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin, Sour Tsunami, Cannatonic, Remedy, Pennywise and ACDC


The non-psychoactive, highly therapeutic compound known as CBD or Cannabidiol is steadily increasing in popularity and is revolutionizing medical marijuana usage.

Different Lifestyles

Lifestyle simply refers to the way of life of a person. The opinions, behaviors, and interests of a person, group or nation can give an impression of what kind of lifestyle it takes on. It is a mixture of defining demographic variables and psychological aspects. The lifestyle one adapts is a reflection of his experiences, values, attitude, perspective and worldview. It is the way one defines his life and lives accordingly. It is not always a conscious decision and your surroundings and the people around you can influence the lifestyle you adopt. Sometimes one is not even aware of the influence of these factors on his life but they still exist. Lifestyle reflects your perspective on several important things in life including your personal views on religion, politics, society and marriage.

concert-1209323_640Lifestyles can be classified on the various basis including occupation, military, religion, politics and sexual orientation. Let us discuss different kinds of broad lifestyle categories.

Activism is a type of lifestyle that is dedicated on beginning, ending or even guiding revolution in society. Those who follow this kind of lifestyle involve themselves in numerous actions that are intended at drawing consideration to the case that they are struggling for. The word activism means conflict without direct ferocity, though some contemporary activists incline to be excessively violent and aggressive. A broad lifestyle can include people with different perspectives about the world. The activists unite everything in their lives and devote to the cause that they are fighting for.

In the mid-1960s, the hippie lifestyle started in the United States. The hippie subculture originated directly from the Beatniks of the 1950s and the word “hippie” firstly used to refer to beatniks who relocated to San Francisco and New York. But soon hippies settled their own culture. The hippie lifestyle underlined embracing the sexual upheaval, the use of drugs and listening to psychedelic rock. It made such a gigantic influence on cultures and societies, but ultimately people moved on from it to other things but some still follow it.

Another lifestyle is communal living in which people sharing common interests live together and share resources, sometimes even their work and income. The decisions are made on everyone’s consensus. Modern communes are financially sound and well-organized cooperatives.

In addition to these, there are various kinds of lifestyles depending upon a person’s interests, beliefs, and his environment as well. No matter what lifestyle you follow, you should just try to live and lead a happy and healthy life.

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