3 Reasons To Have Custom Stickers For Your Company – Yes We Did Say Stickers!

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You see them all the time and everywhere. Stickers that is! This multi-billion dollar industry has been around for ages and today’s companies are using them to their advantage. While you may be skeptical about using them for your own business, there are good reasons to do so. Today we are here to give you 3 reasons to use custom stickers for your company.

1) They Have A Low Cost

Making your own custom sticker for your company may sound like an expensive ordeal, but in reality it really is not. Many websites have daily deals and specials on premium, custom made company stickers. To give you an idea of just exactly how cheap it is, many websites will offer you a roll of stickers from 1000 for 3 cents or 5000 1 cent each. With prices like this, it will be a hard thing for you to pass up these stickers for your company. Also, having a sticker to put on an item or box versus a full blown permanent label on everything is much less expensive. This is good because as a business owner you more than likely will want to save money in the best way possible. Stickers are also a viable option for startup companies as well because the cost of packaging can get overwhelming these days. Even if you are not sure about stickers, the low cost should make you want to give it a try.

2) It Can Drive Up Business Sales

Yes, it sounds crazy. The 3 cents sticker that you brought can drive up revenue for your company. But think about it, stickers have used forever for campaign elections, business ventures, and many other things that require getting the public’s attention to succeed. Even some grocery stores use stickers marketed toward children to get them and their parents to remember them. Since you are running a business, it also requires the public or consumers to talk about and buy your products to succeed. Even if you decide not to use the stickers for packaging purposes, just getting them into the customer’s hand could drive up sales by at least 10 percent. Not only will you just make sales, you can have returning customers as well.

3) You Can Customize Your Own Logo

While it is expensive to get your logo custom made by a professional artist, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg so to speak to actually get one made. This is where custom stickers come into play. Even though you may have to pay to get a logo done once, having a custom sticker will allow you to save your money when you need to package or give someone your logo for other business related expenditures. This is a cheap and professional option for not only startups but for established businesses as well.

Hopefully this article has changed your mind about using stickers for your business. These three reasons can help you drive up business and give it the attention that it deserves. What are you waiting for? Order those stickers for your business today, visit Vancouver Sticker Printing.

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