The Secret of How To Become a Pro At Minecraft Prison Servers!

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The Minecraft Prison game mode is among the most well-known sub-genres within the overall game and was made popular by some of the most prominent figures on YouTube.

Even if there are a number of different methods to enjoy the game type, the most common manner in which it is played is on specialized servers for Minecraft prison or on adventure maps for Minecraft prison.

This tutorial will teach players everything about playing Prison in Minecraft, such as how to play on the prison servers and maps. Also, we will focus on how important it is to rank up easily and use your ranking as efficiently as possible. This trick will ensure your victory.

Rank Up Smart So You Can Win the Game!

In contrast to the majority of Minecraft servers, which let players immediately engage in gameplay, jail servers place them at the lowest possible rank, providing them with nothing more than a pick and sometimes some beginning gear. Mining stone, metal, or ores from different caves and mines, which are open areas that are often peaceful zones, may earn you money and advance your rank in the game. After successfully breaking through the enormous wall of stone, you will be able to sell your loot and move up in ranks if you have been diligent in your labor and stored all the gold that you mined.

The higher your level, the more benefits you have access to. However, until you reach the very highest rankings, all it means is that you have access to a new mine that has more lucrative ores. This remains true even when you reach the very highest ranks. Suppose you are successful in reaching the top of the leaderboards. In that case, you will be rewarded with a unique title, chat rights, valuable resources, and potentially even a position on the leaderboards itself. It’s a really steep ascent. ​

It’s important to point out that climbing the ranks is quite difficult. Once you reach the middle levels, it might take hours or even days of nonstop grinding to generate enough in-game money to progress, but the first few are supposed to go by very quickly, often in just a few minutes or seconds. The actual grinding doesn’t provide much of a challenge since all of the “mines” seem to be based on the same design template. This template consists of a large cube of stone and ore that is surrounded by indestructible blocks and resets every few moments. ​


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