Tips for Combining Designer Durags with your Outfits

Durags are specialized head scarves that are worn by members of the African American community. These head coverings were designed to maintain a person’s hairstyle so they would not have to continually groom themselves. Over the years, durags went from being a tool for preserving hairstyles to becoming a fashionable part of a person’s wardrobe. Some companies have even turned the durag into a fashionable accessory to be sported with outfits. Keep reading to discover how you can combine a designer durag with your outfits to make you look like a boss.

What settings are best suited for durags?

Designer durags are best suited for urban wear and street styles. They can also be worn in sports settings. The setting will help to determine the type of clothing that a person wears when it comes to durags. So, if you are an athlete that plays a lot of sports in your neighborhood you can wear a durag while you do. Don’t wear durags in formal settings or in work environments unless they are approved.

Designer Durags and Clothing Styles

You can get a specialized designer silk durag that has your name on it or one with your favorite sport’s team logo. They also make designer durags that have flags or multiple colors. When you wear a durag as an accessory to your outfit, your gear should be urban, street or sports orientated. Designer durags don’t go well with suits, casual clothing or even some basic jeans and t-shirt styles.

Designer durags should be the same color as your outfit or they should be a complimentary color. If the pattern is wild or has many different designs then your outfit should be basic. During the golden era of durags, many professional musicians and sports stars wore these accessories with baggy pants, jean jackets, wife beaters A-shirts) and some t-shirts blend perfectly with durags.

Designer durags come in a variety of colors and styles. Some modern clothing pieces might not blend that well with a durag. Most people who wear skinny jeans typically don’t wear durags. Still, if you wanted to get away with this type of look you can pull it off. It is all in how you wear it. You can also wear below the knee shorts with a durag. This is a good look.

Female Clothing Styles and Durags

Females have way more options for wearing durags. They can rock them with their form fitting sports or leisure dresses or they can wear them with various outfits that include mid cut shirts, athletic wear or leggings. Females also have more options in terms of colors and designs. They can sport durags made from various materials or that come in a multitude of colors. Their imagination is the limit when it comes to designer durags for the ladies. Ultimately, durags are designed for urban wear or with athletic outfits. Designer durags should be primarily worn with outfits that fit this mode.

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