What are car lifts for home garage?

A car lift is a machine by which cars are raised above the ground to allow space for work to the underparts. It frees up garage space. Working on your car while lying on the floor can be very tiring because you work on parts that you can barely see or reach easily and this explains a lot of time consumed in the process of repairing your car. All these problems can be solved by installing a car lift for garage.


Installing a car lift.


Before buying a car lift, you have to take some measurements. Ensure your ceiling is not less than 11 feet high. Using a drill, make some holes on the slab but avoid the garage corners because thickness might vary. In these holes is where you will insert the car lift pillars.


How to choose a car lift.


Choosing a car lift will depend on what you want to do in your home and the space that you have. Car lifts can be categorized into two depending on how they lift the car. One is the frame engaging lift which has arms that reach under the car and lift it securing it near the edges of the frame while the other one is known as wheel engaging which supports the car at the tires and this leaves a wide space under the car for working. The following are types of car lifts;


Hinge type.


These lifts usually lie flat on the floor and allow the car to be driven on them. This lift leaves the wheels hanging hence it is very convenient when it comes to working on your wheels. It is cheaper than other lifts however, it takes a lot of space on the floor.


Two post lift.


It carries the car weight with frames which are joined to two metal pillars on the side of the car. It uses little floor space and allows access to the underparts and wheels. It can carry heavier loads and lifts the car up to 7 feet above the ground however, it has to be bolted on the floor and the posts somehow blocks the sides of the car.

Drive-on lift.


These lifts have two flat surfaces on either sides on which the car parks and four pillars to carry the car as it moves upward above the ground. It is good for long term overhead storage, can be moved easily when necessary and it is easy to drive on and off. However the run ways block parts of the car and it requires cross beams and jacks when working on the wheels.


Car lifts will make your work very easy and help you carry out a great job on your car. Home car lifts will help you work on your car at home without asking for help. Moreover you will be able to do a lot of your car repairs on yourself without having to go to the garage hence saving your cash and time.

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