What can you actually do with a herb grinder?

Did someone just give you an herb grinder as a gift? Have you always wanted an herb grinder, but are not absolutely sure how you would use it?

If so, here are a few things you can do with these clever little gadgets. Things you may not have thought about when it comes to the tiny things.

Grinding marijuana — While many of the companies that manufacture these gadgets say they are for grinding herbs, a huge number of people that buy them actually use them for grinding their marijuana buds.

That is because, by grinding the drug, it makes the leaves and the buds easier to roll into a cigarette or to place in a pipe. It also shreds it finally so that your marijuana can be baked into things like cookies, bread and brownies.

If you are one of the millions of people around the country that use marijuana then, one of the uses of any herb wholesale grinder you buy could be to make your marijuana easier to consume.

Grinding herbs for pizza — One of the nice things about making a home pizza is you can use fresh herbs to top the cheese.

Decide on the herbs you want to use on your next homemade pizza, and then grind them with the herb grinder you now own. You will not believe the difference in flavor, as the herb grinder makes the herbs you use so fine they are absorbed better into the cheese and so become more flavorful.

Grinding herbs for pasta sauces — Many cooks also add fresh herbs to pasta sauces, as there is nothing like a lasagna, a spaghetti bolognese or spaghetti marinara made with fresh, fragrant herbs.

Grind up the herbs you would normally add to your Italian dishes with this handy little gadget and, again, the flavor of the herbs will be more easily absorbed into your sauces. Thus, giving them an even richer flavor.

Grinding herbs for meat dishes — The only reason meat really tastes good is because of the herbs and spices that are added to it. Without them, it would be bland and, quite frankly, a little bit nasty in taste.

Adding herbs or spices to any meat dish, though, adds a lovely flavor to it, with just about any herb or spice able to be added.

If you are making a meat loaf, why not grind up some fresh rosemary in your herb grinder and add it to the mix before it is put in the oven? Or, if you are cooking a steak, sprinkling fresh sage on it really brings out the flavor of the meat, and could become something you do regularly.

Basil tastes lovely in a beef stew or in baked ziti with ground beef. Grind fresh basil right off the plant, and mix it in with the stew and the ground beef. You will not believe how much it changes the taste of the beef in both cases, and definitely for the better.

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