What Is Involved In A Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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Why Would Anyone Want A Breast Augmentation?

This procedure has caused quite a bit of controversy over the years as most fall to one side of the breast debate either approving of it, or totally against it. Some feel that it isn’t necessary, while others feel that it’s their body and if they aren’t happy with their breasts then it’s their decision to alter their look. Not being confident over breasts cannot just equate fitting into that strapless dress the way you always wanted, but it can totally ruin your private bedroom life. Many women aren’t ok with being without any clothes on while with their partners, or wearing a swimsuit around even their closest friends or family members. This isn’t something that they have to live with anymore as a breast augmentation procedure can be a rather quick solution to no longer having to endure those painful moments for millions of women.

How Does A Breast Augmentation Work?

First you would go into the plastic surgeon’s office, like NYC Plastic Surgeon for example, that you’re comfortable with for an initial consultation. The doctor would review what the outcome would be for you, what size and implant material would work best, if you’re a great candidate for the surgery. From there you would discuss the financial aspect of the surgery and either pay for it outright, or you can usually obtain a payment plan through plans like Care Credit. You would then endure some pre-procedure medical work such as blood work or a chest x-ray, depending on what your surgeon wants completed. If all of your medical homework was finalized and there were no issues, your surgeon’s office would schedule your procedure. Because anesthesia has to be facilitated, you cannot eat prior to your operation and you will require a ride home after the procedure due to the sedation you endured. The surgeon will prescribe something to take for pain and soreness after the sedation wears off, and you will have a support bra to wear for a bit just after the surgery. A follow up appointment or two will be required to have the physician check your breasts to ensure they are settling in as planned with no challenges, and if everything checks out alright then you are free to enjoy your new look!

The Afterlife Of Breast Augmentation

If you decide that this is the procedure for you and have your breasts augmented, you will have some maintenance afterward. Most women currently have their implants replaced after ten years, but some go as long as twenty years before looking into changing them. This is to keep you healthy and not have any issues with the implants after having them for a decade or longer. Usually after having this surgery you don’t have to deal with the typical sagging that occurs in millions of women, which is a huge benefit to not have to consider a breast lift once you’ve crossed that age where your body no longer has youth on its side. Having a breast augmentation is so common in 2018 that no one would be terribly surprised if you opted to do it for yourself if this is something you’ve been toying around with. Do it for the right reasons for yourself, not for anyone else, and make sure that you are totally comfortable with the surgeon that would be doing the procedure.

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